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Clinical summary: This meta-analysis suggests that the clinical intervention is effective in trials that have a high control rate mortality (Over 35%); Accross all trials, the intervention is not effective and is inferior to lactate/CVP monitoring. Heterogeneity or results was moderate. The heterogeneity was 'minimal' after the rate of outcomes among controls and the type of controls were added to the meta-regression (see meta-regression below - residual I2 = 0%; 95% CI: 0% - 76%). Accordingly, the three most recent trials both had less than 30% mortality in the control group, and the intervention did not reduce mortality. The quality of evidence supporting benefit in trials with high mortality is low due to all trials being unblinded and the benefit being in a small number of subjects studied and an unplanned subgroup analysis. We considered randomized controlled trials of early-goal directed (goals met within 6 hours and goal include ScvO2 monitoring) and additional trial(s) published subsequently. Additional interpretations may be in the references in the 'Cited by' section below.

Methods overview:   Studies were abstacted into standardized tables of , and results. This repository updates a previously published meta-analysis.(1) Newer studies included are listed in the references. Rationale for newer trials excluded may be listed at the end of the references.

Results: Details of the studies included are in the:

Below is the forest plot for the primary outcome. Additional Forest plots may be available. Image of forest plot of primary outcome

The Summary of Findings Table (SoF) from the GRADE Profile is below (source files). Image of GRADE Summary of findings table


Systematic review(s)

Most recent review(s) at time of last revision of this repository

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Randomized controlled trials

New trial(s) not included in the most recent review above

  1. None

Trial(s) included

EGDT versus usual care
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EGDT versus lactate-guided therapy
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Trials undergoing review

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Trials excluded - selected list of important trials

  1. Trial was terminated early: Andrews B, Muchemwa L, Kelly P, Lakhi S, Heimburger DC, Bernard GR. Simplified severe sepsis protocol: a randomized controlled trial of modified early goal-directed therapy in Zambia. Crit Care Med. 2014 Nov;42(11):2315-24. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000000541. PMID: 25072757; PMCID: PMC4199893.
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